Peer Editing

Peer editing provides incredible opportunities for building student engagement, learning 21st Century skills, and learning to become a better writer.

MS Word
Offers student familiar method of writing
Does not require access to the internet
Has features that are specifically designed to provide feedback on written work
Either requires email, access to the same computer, or access to a network to provide feedback
If using email there are multiple versions saved in one's email program
Editing becomes unwieldy if there are multiple editors

Cloud Computing
There are many options on the internet that permit quick and easy access to collaborative work
The multitude of options is a blessing in that it allows a user to choose the best fit for their particular task (writing a paper, creating flow charts, etc)
Choosing a particular method is not always easy or obvious
Older students are less likely to be familiar with the particular application than with MS Word
Most programs offer less options for formatting
Many options allow other users to offer immediate feedback
Multiple editors can give feedback at the same time or have access to others' feedback while editing