Why use MS Word?
  • Students could learn to write summaries and then comment on each others work
  • For formatting, working separately and creating the document in the way you want it to look is easy and accessible
  • Using MS allows students to take their work anywhere, even if there is fear of lack of internet connection
  • MS can help students formulate constructive criticism through the editing tools without it becoming too persona

Why use Google Docs, Blogging or a wiki?
  • This technology allows the students to immediately see comments and have a thorough conversation in immediate time
  • The idea is that the students can learn from each other instantly and add something back to teach others
  • As you learn in a Tanakh class, there are commentators who provide for immense knowledge to a text. The students can be those commentators and learning from each other and a real living text
  • The ability for this to be immediate makes it more likely to become part of their lives because it is constantly being changed and updated

In conclusion...
  • Using immediate and updateable technology would allow texts from ancient times to come alive and allow the students to live the ideas, characters and stories all over again.
  • The students will get the opportunity to learn from each other constantly and without hesitation